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Children Day Care Centres

Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta in Lithuania (MOPT) began to establish social Children’s day care centres in Lithuania in 2006. Usually children from poor families visit them. Mostly maltesers obtain information about such children from neighborhoods, social workers, police, juvenile inspectors, and parish people.

Living conditions in these families are severe. Parents have no job or receive very low income. Some parents have no time for their children because of working in low-paid work from early morning until late evening. Some children come from dysfunctional families. Pupils come to Children”s day care centres after school.

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They have free meals at the centre; are taught simple and very necessary things (communication, common skills, Christian values, get acquainted with the culture – theaters, museums). We take care on the health of those children, help finding a doctor, medicine when it is needed. Juvenile inspection is our partner, so we can help when facing legal issues. We also supervise in order to ensure children’s rights not to be violated.

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Each summer we organise camps for the children in Lithuania and abroad.

Social educators consult and support not only children but their families as well. We provide clothing and food for those families.

Currently, the  Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta has Children’s Day care centres in Vilnius, Kaunas, Marijampole, Šiauliai, Žasliai, N. Akmenė, Kartena and Kriaunos.

MOPT Children’s day centre work closely with local communities and schools. We look after and take care on 250 children.

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MOPT founded social Children’s day care centre in Vilnius in 2005.  Currently 15 children (from 8 to 12 years) from disadvantaged families of various n neighbourhoods attend it. Those children are from large families or single mothers without alimony. These families live very hard, have very low income. Children do not have adequate facilities for preparing lessons at home, not enough food, live in the poor flats in large families. For these and other reasons these children spent a lot of time in the streets.

MOPT Social Children’s day-care centre is located in Vilnius, Gediminas av. 56B. The house is located in the city centre, but not near the street in the cousy courtyard. It is a quiet place with a lot of greenery. The first floor is given to the social children Day care centre. Premises are qualitatively repaired and have exercise and game rooms, kitchen, toilets, dressing room. All necessary permits from the local authorities were obtained for the work of the centre.

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MOPT social children’s Day care centre in Vlnius is open on weekdays from 14.00 to 18.30. Children gather there after school. Facilities for the children leisure time, homework preparation and developing of artistic talents are equipped in the centre. A TV, computer and various table and outdoor games are in  Children’s Day care centre. There is a kitchenette with equipment where children have the possibility to eat. Center has its own vehicle. Two qualified social educators work with the children.

MOPT children’s Day care centre try to deal with social problems of school-age children growing up in dysfunctional and hard-living families, organise their education, after-school occupation, to ensure social work with parents in order to facilitate the child’s family. Also we strive to encourage children to live socially active life, educate and develop the mental and physical abilities.

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  • To perform prevention of addictions, violence and suicide;
  • To provide free meals for children from disadvantaged families;
  • To encourage the collaboration between the Day care center and state institutions, non-governmental organisations and community, developing the effective support system for family welfare;
  • To help to prepare  home works;
  • To teach to work with a computer;
  • To encourage children to express themselves, to develop artistic talents;
  • To improve the image of the police among young people;
  • To develop a negative attitude towards addiction and violence;
  • To promote and to develop right moral values.


MOPT Kaunas children’s Day care centre is open on weekdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Primary school pupils come from 1 p.m., and senior school children come at 2 p.m. They do their homework there, have dinner, and spend their leisure time. Handicraft, art, games hobby groups runs in day center.

Meetings with artists, priests, medicals, etc. take part at Day care centre. It is planned to establish a computer class, drama and ceramics groups there also.

Individual psychologist’s and a social worker’s consultations are provided for children’s parents.

Children parents’ help cleaning the environment, facilities; they participate in trips, excursions.

Volunteers are involved in day centre as well. They help children to prepare lessons and organise leisure time.


Marijampolė MOPT Social Children’s Day care centre has been established in Marijampolė’s MOPT residence. Centre is open 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. 20 children regularly attend the centre. The centre works according to the program “Lets built more beautiful tomorrow for a child”. It is implemented by the project manager, social educator, senior education specialist, and an accountant. Volunteers (a psychologist, a nun) and students from Marijampolė’s College, education and social work faculty also help there.

Qualified assistance to children and families is provided in Marijampolė MOPT Social Children’s day care centre; social environment is prepared for the education. The workers of the centre try to make the centre cozy. Qualified centre’s specialists provide assistance to parents of social risk families and children.


• With the family (psychologists, social workers, and social educators help there);

• With the children, encouraging them to grow physically and socially, to create, to improve their personality.


Šiauliai Children’s Day care centre was founded in 2004, June 6. The St. Apostolic Peter and Paul Cathedral Parish provided accomodation to Day care centre. Volunteers work there with disadvantaged families and their children. 20 children from socially disadvantaged families attended the Day care centre in 2006. Social educator and social worker constantly work with them. 23 children attended day care centre in 2007, 25 in 2008 – 2009 and 45 – 50 children attended day care center in 2013.

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The Children’s day care centre is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 pm. Primary school children come to the centre at 12, older school-age children come after 2 p.m. They have dinner, do their home works; spend part of their leisure time at the centre. Children can attend computer literacy, physical education, handwork, art, pottery, drama and singing classes. Day care centre organises meetings with artists, priests, politicians, doctors, etc.

The parents of children attending Day care centre help to clean up the environment, facilities, they participate together in field trips and excursions.

Several times a week volunteers come to help preparing lessons; they play and draw together with the children, conduct workshops on relevant topics.