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First Aid Training

Everyone has a duty to know how to provide the First aid. It is especially important for the maltesers’ volunteers as they work with seniors who may require it at any time.

Maltesers decided to promote the First Aid training to a higher level and to prepare the First Aid instructors. 12 maltesers’ volunteers participated in the First Aid instructors courses in November 2013. Also all the necessary equipment for the First Aid training was obtained.

Pirmosios pagalbos mokymai 2

The First Aid training for instructors and equipment acquisition were financed by the Lithuanian-Swiss Cooperation Program.

The maltesers already obtained a license from the State to organise the First-Aid training. Their trained instructors have started visits to the maltesers’ local groups and train volunteers there.

Maltesers’ First Aid training courses are of high quality and informative. The importance of the First Aid is discussed there, theoretically and practically presented bandaging of wounds, trying to dress them; volunteers are taught to stop bleeding, immobilise limbs, to make artificial respiration, remove the helmet from the injured rider and heave it on the victim’s board. Also it was taught what to do during choking, burns, or drowning cases.

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After finishing the training, maltesers’ volunteers receive special certificates, but the most important is that they gain invaluable knowledge which can save another person’s life.