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MOPT Seniors Clubs

Maltesers take care not only about the seniors who are severely ill and do not leave home, but they devote their attention for those who want to get together and share their experiences. MOPT established Seniors Clubs in Vilnius, Kaunas, Kaišiadorys and Klaipėda.

There is the number of seniors in Vilnius who feel lonely, socially isolated and lacks activity. Some people want to interact, discuss their problems, others want to experience some impression or just have contacts and communicate with younger volunteers. There are sometimes 50 years difference between the volunteers and seniors, but this is mutually beneficial.

Senjorų klubo nuotraukos

Vilnius Malteser Seniors Club organizes meetings with the songs, gatherings with  a cup of tea, trips to nature, excursions. Last year, before Christmas, the Relief Service of the Order of Malta held Christmas workshops, where seniors had a great interest.

The malteser seniors even created music ensemble. Now it exists in parallel with the overall Vilnius Malteser Seniors club activities. They organized the performance during the Senior‘s Day.

Senjorų klubo nuotraukos_002

There are a number of curious people in Vilnius Malteser Seniors Club who want to learn something new. So, they go to exhibitions. Seniors have visited the Applied Arts museum, Radvilos Palace, Pushkin Museum, the Royal Palace, organized excursions to Vilnius Old Town, twice visited Kairėnai botanical garden.

Senjorų klubo nuotraukos_001

Vilnius Malteser Seniors club activities once again confirm that the art, nature and songs bring together people of various ages. Only a small spark is sometimes needed and a lot of people feel useful for each other and cannot imagine their life without new experiences.