Lithuanian Maltesers met World Day of the Poor providing social help for beneficiaries

On the last autumn, at the end of the jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis invited the whole Church to celebrate the World Day of the Poor, paying special attention to material poverty of the suffering and disadvantaged. The World Day of the Poor is celebrated for the first time this year on November 19 and Pope invites to meet it with social activities, with various initiatives in local communities, and to show friendship and solidarity with the poor people and provide them with specific assistance.

The Order of Malta Relief organisation in Lithuania carries out such works constantly. Lithuanian maltesers are united with the Maltesers of the whole world with a common motto of the Order of Malta  “Protection of faith and the help of the needy”. Lithuanian maltesers help for the poor everyday in many cities.

Currently, the annual charity campaign “Maltesers soup” is being held and the donations are collected for the project “Meals on wheels” and Homecare of elderly poor people. Now hot food in thermoses is brought to elderly poor living people in 22 counties of Lithuania. This is going all year round.

Now a few words about last Saturday (Day of the Poor) of the Lithuanian Maltesers.

Mrs. Pranutė escaped from a drunken and violent husband and now she lives in a derelict house in the Kuruncikai village. It’s sad when it’s time to start the life over again in the elderly age. Broken furnace, no electricity, and the only mattress instead of bed. She ran out of the house only with rubber boots,  and today Pranute needs warm boots, a bucket, and an ax for timber.

Malteser volunteer Irena comes to her with donation of warm clothes, food, bedding, candles. Next time Irena will bring her a radio with batteries, a saw and a pot for water heating. On TV we can often see  an artificial survival show, and in this house the reality is happening today.

Young people go to Simnas city to visit the single beneficiary Mrs. Aldona. She has already no sons and daughters in law, and her grandchildren are somewhere all over the world. Thanks to the help of young maltesers Mrs. Aldona gets a youthful sparkle, a desire to fade into the work. The old lady is encouraged by the fact that such visits are the most beautiful things that have remained in her life. She feels necessary and is not forgotten.

The 89-year-old Mrs. Bronyte, a former Riflemen’s Union volunteer, will also not be forgotten. On Monday, Simnas young maltesers, also Riflemen’s volunteers will greet her with the upcoming Lithuanian Army Day. Bronyte, as always, will be glad that Maltesers visits brighten her solitary days.

In Kaunas, the volunteer Vaidas and the old lady Anastasia are preparing to the church. She will be 100 years old in February. She worked all the life as a seamstress, had a husband and a son, now she is alone. Maltesers help to survive for a single grandmother – they bring soup, take care of her. Today, on Saturday, it is not a working day, Vaidas will bring Anastasia to the church, as November is time for prayers for the dead, she may be even succeed to have a confession, and Christmas is already coming.

Loreta and Aiva from Klaipėda providing caniterapie services for the  beneficiaries  of the Lithuanian maltesers, They with pets (Bernesea Zenenhunde breed Lota and the cocker Spaniel Cleopatra) will accompany children with visual impairment to the excursion. It is true that Lota and Cleopatra serve as a guide in a special, doglike way to make children with disabilities more courageous in a strange environment between strangers. Perhaps it would be easier to stay along with the pets in the forest, but not for the maltesers …

Short-term food from IKI supermarket will be taken to the needy of Taurage according to the agreement with Food Bank. The products brought by Maltesers means a fuller weekend table.

The lonely old lady Janina from Akmenė was visited by the local malteser Danutė. She brought donated canned vegetables, a warm sweater, and bought sweets. She also helped to make arrangements for modest dishes from the products she brought.

In Utena malteser Mrs. Diana with volunteers donate clothes. She has collected, sorted, knows that in winter a lot of poor people will come for a warmer shoes or jacket. It is sad, but poor families are very excited about such weekends, because they have no money to go to the shops. By the way, today women have already visited a hard-living family and brought new mattresses, blankets, pillows, blankets for two boys.

The donations (50 euros) were allocated by unwanted benefactor and “Bikuva prekyba” furniture dealers and market traders made discount for their purchases. That’s it – everybody made a lot of work: they have donated children beautiful and colourful dreams

Malteser  Mrs. Aldona carries short-term products from IKI to city Švenčionėliai. Children of the age 10, 8, and 6 are grow there with their grandmother. Children hurry to see the brought products and ask for a piece of cake. They found themselves pleased and reminded that Mrs. Aldona had promised the doll, Aldutė, brings everything that are donated by sponsors, trying to support old poor lady in any way.

64 years old handicapped lady Onutė is waiting maltesers looking through the window. A woman for many years lives without both legs, so malteser  Mrs. Aldona not only brought her food, but also, if necessary, she brings medicine, home appliances. Maltesers for Onutė is her legs, and knowledge of the affairs of the town; not walking woman is interested in such things.

Vilnius Senior Club members met on Saturday evening to discuss what they can present for lonely old beneficiaries for Christmas. 11 seniors and 3 volunteers, retired, feel abandoned, lonely, and there is no sadness at the club; the weaker people are waiting for the help, there is no time to think about their illnesses. “If it’s not the Maltesers, I would sit at alone at home on Saturday night and wonder, which joint hurt more,” tells old lady Elvyra.

For the Maltesers all the days are the same: they rush with help, love to help the poor and disadvantaged. They respond by every days work to the Pope’s call to look at all stretching their hands, asking for help and our solidarity.

Join us by the call, get in touch with the poor, and join the Maltesers as much as possible. If not with the work, then by a small donation that can be done by short numbers 1417 – 2 euros, 1418 – 3 euros.

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