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“Maltesers Easter”

The campaign “Maltesers Easter“ in going on already for the second year. Plenty of festive events and visits to homes of seniors were held during the celebration of Easter and after Easter period in 25 Lithuanian cities, where Order of Malta Relief Organization is active.

Su senute

“The last year we held “Maltesers Easter“ for the first time. We found that it is very necessary for fostered elderly people who live alone and often feel forgotten and useless, – said president of Order of Malta Relief Organization Romas Abunevičius. – Elderly people got a lot of wonderful emotions and joy from the volunteers who greeted them. Many of them mentioned that they had no such unforgettable moments for many years and this was the main reason which encouraged us to organize a “Maltesers Easter” campaign this year. “

Maltiečių Velykos_002

Maltesers volunteers visited sick old people in nursing hospitals and nursing homes, hold Easter afternoon concerts, and gave their own prepared gifts. Kaunas Maltesers visited elderlies at Kaunas Nursing Hospital, Kartena Maltesers – at Kartena supportive care and treatment hospital, Zarasai Maltesers – at Zarasai Hospital and Nursing social care home, Rokiškis Maltesers – at Rokiškis St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish nursing home, Kelme Maltesers – at Lioliai nursing home, etc.

Maltiečių Velykos 2014

Klaipeda Maltesers at after Easter period (April 30) hosted a huge event in Klaipeda city center on John Hill „Echoes of Easter“ where many Klaipeda educational institutions, disabled associations and clubs, Maltesers social partners took part.

Maltiečių Velykos Klaipėdoje_003

Maltese Children’s Day care centers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Marijampolė and other cities during after Easter term held colorful celebrations of „Children Easter“ for disadvantaged children, where they rolled eggs, prepared gifts to fostered elderly.