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Malteser organized Seniors’ Day events all over Lithuania

This year Lithuanian Maltesers International Seniors Day events traditionally celebrate by the events and home visits of single seniors in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes. This year they will do so in 25 Lithuanian cities not only on October 1, but on the other days of the month.

“All our mothers and fathers, grandparents and great-grandparents, uncles and aunts, family members, relatives, and friends are the seniors… They are the values that do we have implemented, and the invaluable experience is all our property, – shared her ideas Josvainiai Malteser Manager Aušra Vaidotienė (Kėdainiai district). – We want to be together and to honor them”.


Kaisiadorys Malteser the first started Malteser Seniors Day events a few days ago. They brought Paparčiai community elders to Kaišiadorys on September 24, together they visited the “Autumn Fair” and Kaišiadorys Cathedral, and then all gathered in the city Maltesers headquarters for festive afternoon, after which they together with the younger Maltesers created painting “Summer longing”.

On 26 September, Kaišiadorys Maltesers visited Rumšiškės retirement home residents and together with them went to Pravieniškiai ceramicist Audronė Skarbaliūtė, to the educational session “Secrets of clay.” Kaisiadorys Malteser met seniors’ day with other Kaišiadorys city elderly people organizations; there they had discussions, entertainments, and concert.


Josvainiai (Kėdainiai district) Maltesers held a gala evening for seniors on September 29. Krakės cultural center youth folk ensemble Smilgelė provided the concert and read the poems about the autumn.

Rokiškis Maltesers hosted St. Matthew the Apostle Parish nursing home elderly people on Seniors’ Day and showed puppet theater performance for them, presented originally baked cake.

Klaipeda Maltesers will greet elders on seniors’ day and will present them original baked star-shaped cookies. Malteser partners from Klaipeda studio will take photos of the elders and give them their artistic pictures.


However, not all by Maltesers cared seniors can participate in the celebrations or outings, because they are weak and ill. Consequently, the Maltesers in many cities are planning to welcome on Seniors Day these elders in their homes, medical and nursing institutions.

Panevezys Maltesers held a festive event for seniors on September 28 and promises to visit more than 60 seniors in their homes with gifts on Seniors’ day.

Šiauliai city Maltesers decided to visit the seniors who worked in education, science and culture with gifts on Seniors’ day, and Alytus Maltesers presented their cared seniors a jar of Buckwheat honey, bound with a linen cloth.

Akmenė Maltesers will invite seniors to the headquarters for Gala Dinner on October 2 and those with worse health Akmenė and Venta seniors will visit at their homes and present them the gifts.

Žasliai Maltesers promise to visit 25 seniors on September 30. Children have prepared them a variety of handmade gifts, such as angels from yarn, flowers from natural materials, drawings, postcards with written greetings.

Aukštadvaris Maltesers decided not only to welcome their fostered grandparents in remote villages, but also help them in farm works. “At Seniors’ Day we will go with the young Maltesers to grandparents and help to carry out various farm works: dig potatoes, harvest garden goods, bring them to cellars, dig out dahlias and other flowers, – tells Irena Beržinskienė, Lithuanian Maltese volunteer coordinator. – Also we shall help old people in various necessary household works: clean windows, clean the house, wash the dishes. We will hold a concert and a feast in Čižiūnai retirement home residents. ”


Vilnius, Kaunas, Tauragė, Kartena, Žiežmariai, Švenčionėliai, Naujosios Akmenės and Maltesers from other cities will also welcome and visit the elders. Each group will welcome them otherwise, but all sincere desire is the same – to show them warmth and help.

It is important to note that the Maltesers remember elders not only on the day of the Seniors, but patronize them all the year, every year expanding the projects. At present, the project “Meals on Wheels” goes on even in 18 cities. Even 116 000 servings of hot food was brought to lonely elderly people, and the grandparents were visited more than 61 000 times in 2015.


Other big Malteser project for seniors’ “Social care at home” is currently running in 10 cities. Malteser supervised constantly at home 552 old, ill and disabled people. In other 19 areas Malteser regularly attend more than 1,500 lonely elderly people, communicate with them, and help at home. 80 years is the average age of people, who are visited by Malteser. Malteser volunteers visited their fostered elders at home for more than 30,000 times in 2015. Stronger seniors are invited to join Malteser clubs for seniors in 5 cities, Malteser social service “Let’s go” helps the disabled and seniors. At present, the Malteser constantly take care of more than 2 300 seniors in Lithuania.

“The projects for seniors are not only important and significant part of our business, but it is extremely important for patronaged single seniors, who are often completely alone, – shared his thoughts MOPT President R. Abunevičius. – Visiting them Maltesers become very close to them, helping to raise serious illness, disability, loneliness. “