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Shortly about us

Order of Malta Relief Organization in Lithuania (Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba) was established in 1991.

At present, 34 MOPT groups in various cities operate in our country.

Order of Malta Relief Organization has 35 permanent employees and more than 1000 volunteers.

Maltiečiai Šiluvos atlaiduose

Maltesers mission in Lithuania, as well as around the world, is strictly humanitarian, impartial, and mostly voluntary.

The goal of the MOPT is to carry out social and charitable support activities to help the neediest citizens of Lithuania. More than 100 different social projects were implemented in Lithuania over 20 years.

Meals on wheels 1


  • ◦ Social centers provide food, clothing and nursing measures (29 locations);
  • ◦ Help of poor lonely old people (food and home care);
  • ◦ Organization of Social Day care centers (12) for children from disadvantaged families;
  • Youth Center
  • ◦ Organization of youth social activities (28 young Maltesers groups);
  • ◦ Courses of First aid and social care for volunteers (4 regions);
  • ◦ Fundraising campaigns (campaign “Maltesers soup” and charity concert on TV).

The Maltesers are involving volunteers in charity campaigns and need of care projects.

Jaunieji maltiečiai nevyriausybinių organizacijų mugėje Vilniuje.

Maltesers integrate young people, teaching them kindness and compassion; every day they help the needy elderly and single people and children living in poverty; they spread the Order of Malta noble mission to help weak and sick.