New Malteser Child’s Day care Center in Telšiai

The official opening of the Malteser Child’s Day center took place in Telšiai on June 2. It is already the 12th Malteser child Day care center in Lithuania. On this occasion, the spiritual leader of the Malteser Vytautas Rapalis together with the prelate Juozas Šurius had sacrificed the premises and wished the children not only to enjoy the goodness received there, but also to learn how to share it.

The heads of Telšiai District Municipality – Mayor Petras Kuizinas, the administration director Saulius Urbonas, the member of the council Almantas Lukavicius, and the Member of the Seimas Valentinas Bukauskas – came with presents to congratulate the children. They all enjoyed the Malteser initiative and created a new space for children. It is already a pupil’s vacation, so it’s great that the children visiting the center will not stay in the street, and will be able to have full-time there with the Maltesers.

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Telšiai Drama Theater youth studio Savi took part at the opening ceremony and reminded that the small children hearts have the greatest virtues and best wishes.

The performer Juventas Radzys wished the warm summer for the guests and the children, and everyone was comforted by a song that was sung in samogitian language.

Ms. Vilija Austiene, the leader of the Malteser Telšiai group, has made most of the efforts for the start of the Malteser Children’s Day Center in Telšiai. She is the mother of three children and knows perfectly well how children from needy families lack help. MOPT President Romas Abunevicius and Secretary-General Dalia Kedavičienė presented her and the children’s day care center the signboard of the center and the symbolic school backpack, which was handed over by the President Dalia Grybauskaitė. The patron of this center is the president’s initiated social security campaign “For the safe Lithuania”.

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All guests were invited to write the wish for the children and attach it to the tree of Wishes, and also to plant flowers in the prepared beds. Let them grow, symbolizing children’s desire of to stem and strive for their dreams. We have only to help those dreams to come true.

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The center’s premises are large, spacious, bright, and their small morning visitors from 3 to 7 years old will contain there and the older ones that are already schoolchildren, will come to the center after lessons. There is a plenty of space, but there is still a lack of comfort, although the managers are trying to create it by their own hands, – there is a need for the repair of the premises. The center’s sponsor JSC Žemaitijos Pienas promises to contribute to the serious renovation.

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