Renovation of Vilnius Maltesers Children’s Day Center

The renovation at Vilnius Malteser Children’s Day Center was carried out, and it significantly improved working conditions of the center. The company “SIXT” funded it.
“We really enjoy the repairs done,” says Lijana Kazakevičiūtė, the head of the center. – There is completely different atmosphere at the center now; it is light, good and comfortable to work. ”

According to Lijana, new powerful lighting was particularly important. There was much less lighting in the center before that, some of the lamps did not work, it was difficult for children to prepare homeworks.

Children are also very happy with the huge chalk board, where everyone can draw something according to their mood. A cork wall is at the next room, which can be used to hold off various drawings and posters.

“We are also very excited about our kitchen also, which has changed a lot,” says Lijana. – We have a new huge table around which we can all sit down now. In the past, we had two small tables that were uncomfortable and occupy a lot of space. Other kitchen furniture is also new, beautiful and comfortable. ”

According to Lijana, children are very happy with the changed environment, appreciate and protect it.

“We understand that this is our home, where we spend a lot of time,” says Lijana. – Therefore, every change they make is very important. It helps children feel good, willing to visit the center. “

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