The results of the campaign for children “And the little heart has big ideas”

Lithuanian Maltesers had conducted a charity campaign “And the little hearth has big ideas ” in August.  Office goods for children were collected during this month, all able to donate were asked to do this. Nearly 6 thousand euros were donated during the campaign and there were collected items for almost 5 thousand euros. The organizers thanks not only to individuals but also to the staff of the companies and government that especially actively contributed to the campaign. Now it can be said that 1.5 thousand children from disadvantaged families will go to school with all necessary means.


The first maltesers children’s day care centers in Vilnius, Siauliai, Marijampole, we established 11 years ago, so we know how difficult it is to socially disadvantaged families to let their children to go to school. They need anything – from a simple pencil or a notebook, to a backpack. And the most important is the fact that children needed these items not only they can learn, but also because they could feel fully-fledged, equal with their classmates “- say the organizer of the campaign, MOPT Program Director Rasa Stukienė.

According to her, since the action takes place in summer, the request to donate scarcely reach people, making it particularly important for businesses and public institutions. “It is estimated that about 100 euros is an average price for one child to have everything he will need at the school and additional help for the children was very necessary,  – said R. Stukienė.

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Most organizations encouraged his employees to contribute to this campaign; a place for the employees brought stationery, their children grown garments, toys, and so on was organized. Market centre “Senukai” has traditionally joined this campaign as they regularly take part in various social campaigns. This year they gave to maltesers fostered children school goods for nearly 2,000 euros. In addition, “Senukai” staff actively donated school equipment and clothes. “Senukai” marketing director Inga Jočienė welcomes by the input of network marketing: “We are very pleased to contribute annually to this very important social campaign and together create more favorable conditions for education and training of all our country’s children. It is important that everyone could realize that noble work requires little effort and everyone can join them, after all, the results are invaluable – hundreds of smiling children”.

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The employees of “KG Group” company actively joins the campaign for the second year. “We are a socially responsible company, actively engaged in social initiatives in support of children. We have joined the Maltesers campaign without considering, and the staff without asking willingly participated in collecting so needed school supplies and toys or clothes. The activity of the workers during the last year showed that we care about and want to help the others, and this year’s the number of donators was much more bigger, “- said Acting Personnel Director of the group of companies” KG Group”,  Klaudija Pauliukevičiūtė,  .

30 businesses and 15 public institutions took part at the campaign “And the little hearth has big ideas”. The companies Alma Litera, SEB insurance, group of companies” KG Group”, Girteka logistics “,”Senukai”, “Northway medical center”, “Lithuania Insurance”, “Provident Financial”, “Telemarketing professionals”, Dr. Bronislovas Lubys Charity Foundation and many others contributed to the campaign. Shares patron is Algimanta Pabedinskienė, Social Security and Labour Minister.

Donated funds and office requirements will soon be distributed to 1,423 Maltesers fostered children in 30 cities, 520 of which are disabled or have special needs. Part of the funds will be shared to MOPT children day-care centers feeding , most of the children to the day care center comes to receive food, that is often their only warm meal during the day. The organizers R. Stukienė adds that it is still possible to support children through the sacrifice portal All information can be found here: