Unstoppable. Stories about people who managed to recover after the terrible blows of fate

“My life has changed in several seconds, – says Raimeda Bučinskytė. – I experienced motorcycle accident and my spine fractured. I was 15 years old. Since then, for more than two decades I am sitting in a wheelchair. ”

According to Raimeda, such a terrible blow of fate for joyful and alive teenager was simply unbearable. The girl has closed in herself, almost four years she was in terrible depression, and was unable to do anything.


“I was devastated, I felt as if I am left alone in the world with my problem – says Raimeda. – I did not knew what will happen next, how I will continue to live, what will I work … ”

According to Raimeda, everything has changed after she with her mother have visited the disabled active rehabilitation camp. There Raimeda saw a lot of young people who were just like she, but they were different: they were driving cars, working, studying, and achieving their goals. Disability did not bound them much, they seemed even did not pay attention to it. She was impressed and this gave the strength to rise again to new life. … ”

Having returned from the camp, Raimeda started to study in driving courses. Parents objected, but the girl reached her desire and graduated the courses, bought the car, began actively communicate, graduated the school, then university, married, ran business, found her own company.

Today Raimeda is a successful businesswoman, twice she was Lithuanian shooting champion, winner of multiple world shooting championships, has a daughter Aušrinė, and travels a lot.

“The most important thing in the life is not really get into problems and do not think about what is lost, – says the women. – You will not change that. It should be better to carefully look around and see a lot of opportunities that are available to you and begin to achieve your goals. ”

“May 8, 2013 is the day that has changed my life: I broke my neck. I was then 23 years old, – says Mindaugas Baltuška. – I was in short vacation in Norway. Probably, in total I did not have to fly there, it was some kind of bad feeling. In Norway I decided to practice with a friend. We went to a large sports complex: you can ride BMX bikes there, there was volleyball court, a dance studio, gym and park – everything in one place in order young people were busy. Then I engaged in parkour, I was trained enough, so I decided to throw in the air. 20 minutes I was jumping and did a jump, unsuccessfully landed on the head, and my neck was broken. ”


From that day Mindaugas is sitting in a wheelchair, but his spiritual strength fascinates anyone who knows him. According to Mindaugas, disability helped him to discover life again, gave a new experience, which he never otherwise would have experienced.

“The most important thing in life is: the new experience, this is what you are able to take from it, – says Mindaugas. – If you are sitting in the wheelchair, it does not mean that you cannot do anything. Spinal injury only narrows the opportunity to discover new experiences, because not everywhere you can access with wheelchair; streets and premises are unsuitable for us. But gradually you get used to anything and everything you learn, and then you want to achieve more and more. ”

Raimeda and Mindaugas two summers are already working in Malteser’s people with disabilities active rehabilitation camp in Klaipeda, which aims to train young people, who have recently experienced trauma, to live with their disabilities, ride with the wheelchair.

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“I myself have received a tremendous stimulus to live and achieve my goals after active rehabilitation camp, so now I have the same desire the others people to experience it, – says Raimeda. – Camp is necessary for young people to gain ground as soon as possible, did not give in psychologically and actively pursue their goals. This requires not just aid and assistance, but the help of the man who has already experienced a disability and started all the way. Walking people really fully will not understand the wheelchair occupant, will not understand how do they feel when you do not control a large part of the body, when it is difficult to make the slightest step, how much effort requires driving a wheelchair, how do you feel when it falls in the street … amazing to see how young people, before few months had suffered a serious injury, staying there gain experience and motivation, he saw how many friends have reached and to understand that everything is possible, if only you stream to it … ”

Lithuanian Malteser not only organize active rehabilitation camps for the disabled, but also take them to piligrimage to Lourdes and to Šiluva, take care of the disabled elderly, founded special transport services for the disabled “Let’s go” in Vilnius. It is intended for transporting disabled people to treatment and other institutions. This Malteser service for many people with disabilities is necessary as air.


” Malteser service to me is just a miracle, says blind man from Vilnius Egidijus Nekrašinskas. – If they would not drive me three times a week to dialysis, I do not know how I would live. My life has changed in October of 2015, when walking down the street I have fainted and fell down. I had osteoporosis and the bones were brittle. Many bones were broken. A half of the year I laid in the hospital, but doctors refused to operate because of the high risk to bring the infection and damage to other organs. While I was in hospital, I was brought to dialysis with all the bed because I still could not sit. However, upon returning home, it became impossible to go somewhere, as I live in an apartment, there’s no elevator, social services do not provide such services … Then I discovered the Maltesers, who changed my life … ”

1,274 disabled persons used Maltesers service “Let’s go’ in 2016; 34,578 km were driven during their transportation. This year the service “Let’s go” Maltesers had expanded to Klaipeda and Panevezys, in order to provide assistance to the larger amount of people with disabilities. The service with special lifts is provided for disabled.

More information about the Maltesers activities, the opportunity to contribute and support you can find at www.maltieciai.lt, and http://2proc.maltieciai.lt/

More information about the service for the disabled “Let’s go” you can find at: http://maltieciai.lt/veikla/vaziuojam/

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