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Children Day Care Centres

Children Day Care centers (CDCC) of the Order of Malta Relief Organization in Lithuania (OMRO) began to develop from 2004. Today we have 12 of them. Centers are attended by children from social risk families with learning, fitting in at school, behavioral problems, living with single parent families, going through the crisis period (eg., Parental divorce). In most cases the information about them comes from the municipalities social departments, police juvenile inspectors or neighborhoods.

Children come to the CDCC after school. Here they get free lunch, clothing, develop their social communication or personal skills, do their homework, are introduced to the universal Christian values. Our social educators advise and assist not only the children, but also all the family members.

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Recently, the CDCC are founded in Vilnius, Kaunas, Marijampole, Siauliai, N. Akmenė, Kartena, Vieksniai, Užventis, Kelmė, Tauragė, Telšiai and Kriaunos. They are partially funded by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor and private funds.

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A significant contribution for reparation, installation and renovation works in most of the CDCC were given by Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears”, represented by Lithuanian “Sixt Lithuania” company “Transporter”.

The Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears“ operates more than 15 years. One of the main objectives of the Foundation is to improve children’s living conditions all over the world. The Foundation’s activities are based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, they include four programs for health care, nursing, education, and emergency assistance.
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Children Day Care Center in Vilnius

Children Day Care Center in Vilnius was founded in 2005. Regularly it is attended by 15 children aged 7- 14 years. The center is located in the heart of Vilnius – Gediminas str. It is in a detached house, away from the street, in the courtyard in a quiet place, lots of greenery around. Children Day Care Center occupies the entire ground floor (118.03 sqm). The premises consist of exercises room, game room, kitchen, toilets.

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Children Day Care Center in Vilnius is open on weekdays from 14 to 18 o‘clock. Children gather here after school. Center is equipped with facilities for children to spend leisure time, to enable the preparation of lessons, develop artistic abilities. Children have a computer, various board and outdoor games. There is a kitchen with household equipment, where children together with the staff produce daily lunch. The center has its own vehicle. There are two professionals, working with the children daily with the assistance of a group of volunteers.

With the help of the Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears” furniture and the equipment of the center as well as the replacement of the windows were refurbished.

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Children Day Care Center in Kaunas

The newly renovated space for the center was opened in 2012 October the 1st. Today Children Day Care Center of Kaunas is attended by 20 children from disadvantaged families. Two social educators are working with them on weekdays from 13 am to 17 pm constantly. Here children do their homework, eat lunch, spend some of their leisure time. Children Day Care Center of Kaunas also gives the opportunity to children to do handicrafts, art, play games, to divide in to hobby groups. If needed, children have access to the shower and washing facilities.

Center‘s social educators organize meetings with various artists, clergy, physicians and others. Children’s parents are provided with individual psychologist‘s and a social worker‘s support.

Volunteers are actively involved in the work of the center, they help children to do their homework and organize their leisure time: together with the children they play, draw, quiz and lead workshops on topics relevant to young people.

Children Day Care Center in Kaunas received partly foundation of the Ministry of Social Security and Labor. The new premises were repaired with the assistance of Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears” funds – a new floor was tiled, electrical equipment replaced, heating systems and plumbing equipment installed, new doors were inserted and equipped with an alarm system.

Children Day Care Center in Marijampolė

Children Day Care Center in Marijampolė was established in 2005, it is one of the oldest ones. The center is open 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. The center operates under the education program “Building a more beautiful tomorrow for the children“, it is constantly attended by 30 children. The educational program is implemented by a project manager, a social educator, and social specialist. As in the other CDCC‘s local active volunteers are contributing – a psychologist, a nun and students from Marijampolė College of Educational and Social Work Faculty.

Center works with the particular emphasis on upbringing of children’s self-expression. Specialists work with children‘s families, encouraging children to be physically and socially developed, also developing their personality.

In the Children Day Care Center in Marijampolė with the help of Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears” new kitchen has been equipped, a computer with a printer was purchased, home appliances and new furniture were bought.

Children Day Care Center in Šiauliai

Children Day Care Center in Šiauliai was established in 2004. The premises were given by the Cathedral Parish of St. Apostol’s Peter and Paul. The center works with social risk families and their children – is currently being visited by 30-33 children daily. A social educator and social worker are involved in its work, volunteers who help to educate children and play with them, come several times a week.

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The center is open on weekdays from 9 am to 17 pm. Here children have lunch, do their homework, spend some of their leisure time. Center has classes of computer literacy, physical education, handicrafts, art, ceramics, drama and singing, meetings with artists, clergy, politicians, physicians are organized. Parents of the children help to clean up the facilities, participate in outings, excursions.

In the Children Day Care Center of Šiauliai with the assistance of the Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears” rooms have been renovated, furniture repaired, and new equipment was purcha

Children Day Care Center in Tauragė

In early April of 2016 Children Day Care Center in Tauragė started its activities as one of the newest ones. Now it is visited by 15 children. The center is located in a premises of Tauragė “Aušra” primary school.

Children from social risk and disadvantaged families or from families affected by poverty often do not have the opportunity to be educated in non-formal educational institutions. The center is oriented to all of these groups of children and their parents.

The center is open 5 days a week, 4 hours a day and is attended by the 15 children daily. As it is located in the premises of the school, many things and activities are more convenient for them – to visit school library, attend specialists as speech therapist after the lessons, to have lunch in school’s canteen. A social educator and social specialist organise their activities, cooperate with other institutions, and take care of family problems.

Children Day Care Center in Viekšniai

In Mažeikiai district town Vieksniai Children Day Care Center for 40 children of all ages was established in 2015. Children from the town and surrounding villages daily work under the supervision of qualified professionals – teachers, social educators, psychologists, they spend all their afternoon there until their parents return from work. Some of the children are waiting for the school bus to travel at home, others come here because the home does not have a safe, quiet environment.

In the center children receive lunch, they work with various professionals and educators. Center repairings were carried by the Regine Sixt Children Aid Foundation “Drying Little Tears”.

                                                 Children Day Care Center in Telšiai

The 2nd of June 2017 was the official opening of a Children Day Care Center in Telšiai, the capital of Samogitia, in Gedimino g. 17. Now it is attended by 18 pupils, but it is scheduled to take about 30. The center is very special – we also welcome there preschool children from 3 to 7 years old. They stay in the center from 8 o’clock in morning till noon – 13 pm. School students (8-14 m.) come to the center from 12 o‘clock. All visitors of the center receive free meals, they can participate in individual and group classes, get help doing their homework, also draw, mold clay, paper cuttings, create decorations, play puppet theater etc.

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The center operates during the summer too. During the holidays children can take part in various excursions, outdoor games, they participate in city celebrations and events. And since there is no homework in summer, elders can develop their other skills – culinary, communication, environmental management, involving their smaller friends. After all, the center is as a family, where everyone is involved to create the coziness, to make the smell of specialties, that all of them would like to come back every day.