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First Aid Training

First aid training courses

In 2016, members of Order of Malta Relief organization in Lithuania have organized 4 paid and 14 free of charge first aid training courses.
All the funding collected form training courses are donated to first aid programs (organization of first aid courses and development of Junior school paramedic program).

Junior school paramedics

The project is mainly initiated for teaching school students of how to provide first aid services. It is known that first aid help can be needed for anyone despite their age, gender, nationality, religious or beliefs. In this way, it is essential to understand that learning how to provide first aid help is important for everyone. This project is also important because in schools there are no well-equipped first aid centers that could help in case of any injury.

Because of this reason, students who attend Junior school paramedic courses are able to provide a help in school. In addition, Junior school paramedic activities can help to develop a sense of self-confidence, responsibility, public spirit and social awareness. Main object of the program is to create a safe and healthy surrounding in school community.

Due to this aspiration, workers form Order of Malta and volunteers together with a help of Public health care professionals, organize and carry out basic first aid courses for school students. As a further development of the whole project, Order of Malta has started cooperation with Lithuanian Association of paramedics.

During the courses, volunteers and paramedics ensure that students get latest news regarding first aid. Knowledge and experience of students is checked during various group sessions. In this way, students can gain more valuable experience of how to behave in different situations.

In 2016, training sessions were attended and finished by school students from 6 Jonava schools. Pupils attended in various competitions, could watch special demonstration program performed by Jonava ambulance and firefighters.

Selected team of Junior Malteser paramedics has participated in competition of Lithuanian Young Firefighters Union and won a 4th place.

Additionally, Junior Malteser paramedics have started a new season and approved membership of schools form five more cities: Klaipėda, Telšiai, Aukštadvaris, Vilnius and Ignalina (in total, 20 new schools).

First aid help during various events

In 2016, Malteser paramedics have provided first aid services in three events: Klaipėda Sea festival, World Lithuanian Youth congress and Biker festival. During all these celebrations, paramedics received more than 200 requests for a help. Malteser paramedics have also organized 1 paid watch in the event of Nordic walking.

Malteser paramedics attended Klaipėda Sea festival for 3rd time already. During the event, paramedics have built up their first aid tents near main scenes: in Cruise ship Terminal, Teather square, near Resurgence square.

Additionally, Malteser paramedics have created mobile services were people could also apply for the help. In the event, there were more than 100 volunteers (40 of them – medics). During all festive time, Malteser volunteering paramedics have provided medical help for more than 200 patients.