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“Meals on Wheels” project

“Meals on Wheels” is one of the oldest maltesers’ projects, which has been running since 1993.  Every day the Maltesers deliver warm food, which is symbolically called the soup to the homes of ill and lonely elderly people.

In 2016, the project was held in 19 cities and villages of Lithuania (Akmenė, Venta, Alytus, Troškūnai, Aukštadvaris, Ignalina, Didžiasalis, Jieznas, Kaišiadorys, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Marijampolė, Naujoji Akmenė, Panevėžys, Rokiškis, Tauragė, Vilkaviškis, Prienai and Vilnius).

In total, there were 496 help receivers involved into this project. During all year period, they have received more than 117 000 portions of fresh warm meals. Volunteers and workers have driven more than 83 000 kilometers to reach fostered elders. In addition, new variations of the project have been introduced such as special food packages for poor people and vouchers for food (these vouchers can be used in shops for buying food products).

Meals on wheels

Ever since the establishment of the organisation in 1991 Lithuanian maltesers provide support with food to the elderly living in poor conditions. Although the every day warm food home deliveries have started a little bit later.

Who receives this soup and why is it so vital?

The recipients are old, lonely and ill persons. Imprisoned in their tight and miserable apartments, bed-bound by severe illnesses they can only hope for someone to remember they are still alive.

Contrary to the prejudice, these are not antisocial individuals who have to redeem the mistakes of their past. But often these are retired teachers, engineers or other specialists, whose lives have been broken by an illness or misfortune and who have lost their health, job or even a family.

How do the maltesers help them and why is this help so important for them?

First of all,  maltesers visit the beneficiaries regularly and provide assistance of all sorts. For those bed-bound people volunteers not only bring warm food every day but also provide voluntary social homecare and provide assistance with other issues.

The components of the project “Meals on Wheels”:

  • A database of lonely elderly people in need is formed in every city where the project is carried out. The maltesers are informed by the social departments, employees of the local municipalities, their neighbours and colleagues from other non-governmental organisations.
  • The beneficiaries are visited regularly trying to improve their living conditions.
  • The project volunteers are sought after recruited on a continuous basis.
  • The companies that prepare the meals are selected via a public tender. Wherever the maltesers have suitable premises and sanitary permits they prepare the meals themselves.
  • It is ensured that the meals are delivered according to the schedule: regularly and on time.
  • The maltesers organize the meals delivery, the transport and the fuel.
  • In some of the towns, where there is a higher number of beneficiaries, people are employed to deliver the meals every day and on time as such commitment cannot be required of volunteers.

Maistas ant ratų

For many of the beneficiaries the soup is the only warm food they receive during the day. Very often the visiting person becomes the only human contact with the outside world. As a result, Maltesers not only provide meals but celebrate, communicate with their beneficiaries and help them around the house.

Project’s “Meals on wheels” contacts in Lithuania:

Alytus: Mrs. Danutė Žilionienė. Tel. 8 612 77642, email:

Akmenė: Mrs. Marytė Savickienė, Tel. 8 682 38359, email: akmenė

Ignalina: Mrs. Vida Ektienė. Tel. 8 624 02471, email:

Kaišiadorys: Mrs. Dana Leščinskienė. Tel. 8 686 43209, email:

Kaune: Mrs. Rūta Lukianskytė. Tel. 8 682 12622, email:

Klaipėda: Mrs. Olga Petrik. Tel.8-663-79125, email:

Marijampolė: Mrs. Marija Miliauskienė. Tel. 8 343 57505, email:

Panevežys: Mrs. Virginija Vainikevičienė. Tel. 8 45 507795, email:

Rokiškis: Mrs. Rita Jakulienė. Tel. 8-610-61283, email:

Vilnius: Mr. Mantas Bružas. Tel. 8-677-44341, email:

Tauragė: Ms. Lina Oželytė. Tel. 8 687 53792, email:

Venta: Mrs. Genovaitė Mačiuvienė. Tel. 8 670 37678, email:

Vilkaviškyje: Mrs. Angelija Bakšienė. Tel. 8 682 15824, email:

Visaginas: Mrs.Diana Naglinskienė. Tel. 8-610-65714, email: