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MOPT Seniors Clubs

Older people who feel lonely but still can take care of themselves are invited to join various senior clubs which are coordinated by volunteers and leaders of Order of Malta Relief organization in Lithuania. In these clubs the main object is to coordinate meetings, so, that both (more active and calmer old people) would have the same conditions to experience new things, improve social life and meet other people.

The main idea of senior club is to bring together older people who want and can communicate with each other, have new experiences, enjoy new activities and have a chance to meet new people.

Senjorų klubo nuotraukos

In 2016, Senior clubs have had activities in 5 cities (Vilnius, Kaišiadorys, Žiežmariai, Švenčionėliai and Zarasai). All the clubs have 102 constant members. Members of senior clubs can join tea-time gatherings, poetry and songs evenings, various lectures, training courses for healthier life, picnics, excursions, visits to exhibitions, educational activities and quizzes.

Together with all the community, seniors celebrate Sunday after Easter, Christmas, attend various events dedicated for Senior day. This year before Christmas members from Vilnius Senior club were baking home-made cookies for other seniors who already cannot make food for themselves.

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