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Transportation Service for Handicapped

Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta recently started to provide transportation service, which will help the disabled people to reach the desired location quickly and easily.

The new service “Lets go!” is particularly important for disabled people. One can see that their mobility opportunities even in big cities are very limited, and there are few transport service organisations.

This service will help those with physical disabilities to achieve the necessary locations, to facilitate their daily life, as well as to turn the attention of Lithuanian public and relevant institutions to the mobility problem of disabled people.

About the service:

We provide the transportation services for persons with physical disabilities. People with disabilities are often unable to go to health care institutions and have normal social life. We want people with disabilities to  maximise the opportunities to travel around the city and, if necessary, to get to medical institutions, Day care centres, and to enjoy the pleasures of leisure.


To enable people with physical disabilities fully integrate and use public services (to achieve the therapeutic and health care institutions, Day care centres, to participate in cultural events, meet with friends or colleagues).


The service at the same time can be provided for more than one person. The adapted for the disabled vehicle can be used up to 4-5 persons with disabilities in wheelchairs. The wheelchairs can be electric because of the comfortable boarding. The clients will be able to travel together (friends, colleagues, family members) and will save time and cost. Travel expenses are paid together, so it is cheaper than doing it alone.

How does it work?

The service is intended for the transportation of people with physical disabilities; they are transported from point A to point B around Vilnius city. Minibus has 4 places for wheelchairs and 2 seats for those who are able to move and for those who do not require wheelchair or escort.

Every disabled person may be accompanied by no more than one accompanying person. The travel will not cost for him. If the accompanying persons will be more, they should pay full cost of travel. A vehicle will have a malteser’s volunteer driver, if necessary, he will help to get into and out of the vehicle.

The service is available in pre-registering by phone or e-mail. The cost of travel depends on the driven kilometres (1 km = 2.00 Lt (0, 58 EUR) + boarding fee (3 Lt – € 0.87). We can carry 4 wheelchairs at the same time, so you can collaborate with colleagues, friends, neighbours. If you are not traveling alone, travel expenses are divided by the number of customers, so you can save there!

One kilometre cost is 2.00 Lt (0.58 EUR);

One-time entry fee is 3,00 Lt (0.87 EUR);

The minimum travel fee is 5,00 Lt (1.45 EUR);

The travel outside the Vilnius city fee consists of fuel costs (in both directions) + driver-assistant hourly pay (13.00 lt / h)

Contact information:

E mail;
Tel.+370 615 50232;