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H.E. President Valdas Adamkus was granted a name of Honorary Member of MOPT

H.E. former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus was granted the Relief Service of the Order of Malta in Lithuania (MOPT) Honorary Member name at Kaunas Pažaislis monastery on Wednesday night.


The Order of Malta friends, activity sponsors, honored guests, such as: Maltesers longtime patron, H.E. President V.Adamkus, Reconstituent Seimas Chairman Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuanian Government members, Order of Malta Ambassador to Lithuania Baron Christian von Bechtolsheim, the Order of Malta Embassy Charge’d Affairs Baron Christian fon Bechtolsheim Hanko von Knobelsdorf, Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, Šiauliai bishop Eugenijus Bartulis, foreign ambassadors, artists, cultural workers, cities and district mayors, sponsors of the campaign “Maltesers soup”, Maltesers volunteers of different professions took part at the event.


The history of the Order of Malta, its relations with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (LDK) and recent times were told during the Maltesers meeting with friends and other distinguished guests. Writer Kristina Sabaliauskaitė vividly told about this congregation.

According to her, the studies show that quite a few members of the Order of Malta during the time of Grand Duchy of Lithuania were in Pacas family; Pažaislis monastery founder Christopher Sigismund Pac nephew Michael Casimir Pac, after the death of his uncle took care of the monastery ensemble construction was among them.


Now Maltesers contribute to Pažaislis Library restoration. Camaldolese monks collected books in 1664 – 1832 there. Historical sources testify that the monastery construction founder Christopher Sigismund Pac allocated funds to the library also.

During the event, the Order of Malta Ambassador Christian von Bechtolsheim symbolically donated the old map of the island of Malta and the book about the Order of Malta to the newly established monastery library. Pažaislis monastery ensemble, estate, villages and all land acquired there 350 years ago he donated to the monks Camaldolese Order.


Famous violinist Martin Svegzda von Bekker, “Golden Voice” finalist, songs and songwriter, performer Edgar Lubys, winner of international competitions kanklės player Aistė Bružaitė, singer Vladas Kovaliovas, the TV project “Choir Wars” winner singer Ona Matusevičiūtė, Balys Dvarionas music school Big Band took part at charity music program .

The auction was held during the event where the raised money will be allocated to the Malteser fostered beneficiaries. The auction was conducted by Kaunas Drama Theatre director Egidijus Stancikas and opera singer Nomeda Kazlaus, the winner of international competitions.


35 works of art were purchased in the auction and 6,800 Euros were donated for them.

Pažaislis monastery hospitality center acting in Monte Pacis” team and its owners Indra and Algirdas Ramanauskai donated charitable feast for guests and participants.