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Lourdes Candles

Every year a pilgrimage trip to Lourdes ( France) is organized by the Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta in Lithuania. The main aim of the trip is to visit the sacred place that is famous for miraculous cures and to light up the candles whose warmth would take our prayers to the Mother of God.

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The pilgrims‘ delegation brings the candles to Lourdes together with them. Their mission is to take the prayers and intentions of those people, who do not have possibilities to do it themselves.

Each one of us can send our prayers together with a candle. For it you need to acquire one or more of the special candles, write down your prayer or wish on it, and return the candles back to us. At the end of April – beginning of May our pilgrims would light them up in Lourdes.

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We invite you, your family and friends to acquire a candle and to send it to Lourdes to the Virgin Mary together with your prayers.