“Malteser Day 2015”  – festival for meetings and communication

“Malteser Day 2015” meeting was held at Burokraistėlės village (Varena region.) on July 18 – 19. Lithuanian Maltesers groups and young Maltesers from the whole country attended it.

The festival began with a Holy Mass for the Maltesers, it was held by member of MOPT Presidium priest Vytautas Rapalis. The official part of the celebration began after the Mass, where the most deserving Lithuanian Maltesers were awarded by the honours of the Order of Malta and the Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta.


The Ambassador of the Order of Malta Baron Christian von Bechtolsheim awarded MOPT president Romas Abunevičius nexium side effects muscle weakness and member of the MOPT Presidium Bronius Einars with high decorations of the Order of Malta. Romas Abunevičius was awarded by the “Cross of Grand Officer “Pro Merito Melitensi”, Bronius Einars byCross of Commander „Pro Merito Melitensi”


“You have done a great job, – said the Ambassador, presenting the awards to them, – Lithuanian Maltesers are now widely known in Maltesers world community, as one of the most active organizations. “


From their side, Lithuanian Maltesers awarded the Order of Malta Ambassador as well with the special “Kindness Angel” award. Ambassador was awarded for the great job working with the Maltesers sponsors in Germany. As we know, the Order of Malta Ambassadors’ work is on voluntary basis, they have to coordinate their work and visits with their main work and family, and it is not always simple.

The most deserving Lithuanian Maltesers were awarded with Angel awards as well. “Good Works Angel” award was given to Arūnas Užupis, the Priest of Alytus, “Respect Ange” – to Mrs. Vida – Marija Ektienė, “Thanksgiving Angel” – to Mrs. Rasa Stukienė, Kindness Angels – to Mrs. Marija Čirienė and Ms. Jurate Petkevičiūtė.

Maltiečio diena 38
After the official part of the festival, the Maltesers came to taste “The President’s Porridge” that personally was delivered by MOPT President. Rock band ” Ellse” from Kaunas (leader Stanislovas Augonis) gave a concert, musician from Kelme Valdas Rutkūnas and Kelme Maltesers group leader Lina Šimkevičienė taught folk games and dances.

Spectacular fireworks were the culmination of the evening program of the “Malteser Day 2015”. Maltesers sponsor, known producer Nijole Ruzgienė donated part of them.

Later began the night dances. Everybody, who still had the strength and the generic lipitor desire, danced to 2 AM.

Maltiečio diena 325
The morning of July 19 at the camp began with the exercises. The work at four thematic working groups was held after breakfast later:

Group 1. Aukštadvaris Regional Park culturologist, ethnographer, historian Rita Balsevičiūtė held an educational lesson on herbs, the curative properties of plants, and their use.

Group 2 – Volunteer Rasa Rakauskienė taught to plait cords by pendulum principle; children and adults were happy to learn.

Group 3 – First – Aid training was organized by a MOPT First Aid unit manager Alexandra Kutyreva and Aukštadvaris doctor Malteser Lina Bučelienė.

Group 4 – All participants learned to blow impressive soap bubbles.

Maltiečio diena 2015 (1)7

So, everyone has found an occupation by their desires and hobbies.

The second Lithuanian Malteser day left an excellent impression for all Lithuania Maltesers, who gathered there. There was enough time to chat, pray, and dance.

“The celebration of “Malteser Day 2015” was very well organized, all the participants were very glad, – said MOPT President Romas Abunevičius. – I had the opportunity to talk with Maltesers from many http://flagylgeneric-online.net/ cities during the celebration. All of them are excellent, active people, assigning much of their time time to help the others. We need to give them the opportunity not only nexium and allegra to take care about others, but also give the opportunity to sprend time together, to talk, and have a good time.”

Numerous photos from” Malteser day 2015” one could find on our Facebook account .