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Members of the Association “Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba” (Order of Malta Relief Organization) can be all natural (from 18 years old) and juridical persons. They shall present applications and get approval from presidium, as well as to pay 15 €  entering fee.

New members are getting members rights after the paying entering fee in established order. The order of entering fees and terms is determined by general meeting (currently annual fee is 3€) .


  • To take part and to vote in general meetings;
  • To get acknowledge with association documents and to get all information about Association activities;
  • To use the services that Association provides;
  • To leave Association whenever they want; in such case entering fee, members fee or other funds are not returned;
  • To put on trial with a claim, to abolish the decisions of general meeting or the chairman, as well as to consider the deals of chairman as invalid, if they contradict to imperative legislative norms, Association Statute or cleverness and honesty principles;
  • To other rights established in the statute and laws.

In the Association headquarters and other Association subdivisions must be the list of all members. Every member has a right to acknowledge with it. Member can be excluded from Association after presidium decision, if member fail to observe the requirements of statute or compromise the image of Association.

Members’ contribution can be money as well as other property, evaluated material and not material property.

Association Secretary General is responsible for registering association members.


  • Association honorary members are elected in general meeting by majority of votes after presidium recommendations.
  • Association honorary member can be the citizen of Lithuania and other foreign countries who deserved for Association by their professional, scientific, educational, cultural and/or public activities.
  • Honorary member doesn’t have Association member’s rights and duties.