Sanctification of the new Embassy premises in Vilnius and Holy Mass for St. John the Baptist

Before the Holy Mass, Auxiliary Bishop of Vilnius H.E. Darius Trijonis sanctified new premises of the Embassy of the Order of Malta to Lithuania . Premises are located in the nice, cousy place in the heart of the Old Town Vilnius.

At the Holy Mass to celebrate our St. Jon’s Day, Leadership of the Order of Malta Relief organization in Lithuania took a special oath during the Holy Mass at the Holy Cross church in Vilnius. During the oath they  confirmed their strong devotion to the Order of Malta and readiness in Order’s spirit to fight with the eight sides of powerty (illness, hunger, quilt, disbelief, grief, homelessness, heartlessness and indifference). (Austrian text with the accordance of our Bishop Darius Trijonis)

After the Holy Mass Lithuanian maltesers supporter CEO of the company „Roche” Mrs. Rasa Jonusiene was bestowed with high decoration of the Order of Malta „Pro Merito Melitensi”.


Such oath by the leadership of Lithuanian Order of Malta Relief organization had been made first time ever.

After the Holy Mass, Ambassador of the Order of Malta H.E. Manfred Ritter Mautner von Markhof and his wife H.E. Mrs. Friederike Princess Mautner von Markhof organized diplomatic reception in order to celebrate St. John’s day.

More than 180 highest Lithuanian State and Church officials (including two Archbhishops and several bishops) responded to this  kind invitation and took part in the reception in the Old Town of Vilnius. Lithuanian malteser leadership joined them as well.

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