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Beautiful backpacks cheered the children

Backpacks and school supplies, donated by Medical Center “Northway” and “Santera” during children’s support campaign, have already reached children and cheered them.

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Thank you for helping children living in poverty

The Malteser event together with the campaign for support of the children “For a Secure Lithuania”, initiated by the President, was held on the Presidential Square on August 31. It called the public and businesses to collect school supplies for children living in poverty.

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The Maltesers sponsor Barbora will invite buyers to contribute to the initiative

Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda citizens will be able to not only buy food online, but also donate to the needy people. “Barbora” online food and consumer goods store joined the Maltesers charity project “Meals on Wheels”.

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Thanks to sponsors for the Maltesers day

A major Maltesers event “Maltesers Day 2017” took place in Giruliai, August 26, 27. 170 Maltesers, who came from many Lithuanian cities and towns, took part there. Read more


“Meals on Wheels” will travel by “If Insurance” donated bicycles

The company “If Insurance ” at the beginning of summer called to donate used bicycles in order to present them to those who are currently in need. Read more

Seniors have been given a commemorative celebration

One warm and sunny afternoon Kaunas Maltesers brought their fostered elders to the Pažaislis Monastery ensemble. Their good mood was supported by the music and we would like to thank Konstantinas, Birute and Irena from Raseiniai for it. Such a communication for old beneficiaries is very important, as they spend most of their time alone..
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