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The charity campaign ” Small heart has big ideas “

Maltesers together with the campaign “For safe Lithuania”, initiated by Lithuanian Republic President Dalia Grybauskaite, announces the start of the annual charity campaign ” Small heart has big ideas”.

The campaign will take place till September 30; companies and individuals can contribute there. School items will be collected in Malteser offices; please contact by tel. (8 5) 249 7304. We can bring boxes to organizations for donated school supplies.

We always looking forward to the donations by cash, they can be provided by a short number 1419 (2 euros) or transfer to MOPT account LT29 4010 0424 0397 4431 (the purpose: for children). Money is very necessary for the whole year operating children’s day-care centers to children feeding.

Purpose of the campaign

The school year for most Lithuanian families raises joyful concerns, as parents need to provide children with new school goods, educational tools or clothing. But there are families in which it is a huge problem to arrange child to school, because of their lack of money even for everyday needs.

The Malteser rushing to help such families and organizes each year school campaign “ Small heart has big ideas”.. Funds and school supplies for children at social risk families, large families’ orphans and disabled children living in special homes are collected there. Maltesers patronage those children in 35 Lithuanian cities throughout the year. We have founded 12 children and youth centers, where school children from disadvantaged families are educated after school, and most importantly they are fed. They are provided with psychological assistance, their parents are advised there.

Rasa Stukienė, the school supplies collection campaign organizer, constantly has to interact with the staff of Malteser child day care and youth centers, and they all say that children from poor families, visiting centers the most simple lack of daily food; and most of them come just to eat to Maltesers.

The process of the campaign
Individuals and organizations donate various school goods (notebooks, drawing supplies, sporting goods, clothing, backpacks, and so on). It is very important for us, the organizers, to raise funds for maintenance of children’s day-care centers, catering and educational purposes.

School items are collected in our offices, please contact by tel. (8 5) 249 7304. We can bring boxes to organizations for donated school supplies for the interested organizations.

Maltesers, along with other non-governmental organizations and ambassadors of the campaign “For safe Lithuania”, invite everybody to come to the Daukanto Square and donate stationery to school children or day-care centers on 30 August at 12 P.M.. One can bring not only notebooks, writing and drawing tools, boxes for pencils, also already used, but of still high-quality backpacks and books.

30 business and 15 public institutions took part in campaign ” Small heart has big ideas”.” in 2015. “Alma Litera”, “SEB Insurance”, “ KG Group”, “Girteka logistics”,”Senukai“, “Northway Medical Centre”, “Lithuania Insurance”, “Provident Financial”, “Telemarketing professionals”, dr. Bronislovas Lubys Charity Foundation and many others took part there also. Nearly 6 thousand euros and the items for nearly 5 thousand euros were donated during the campaign.

Donated funds and office supplies were distributed to 1423 Malteser’ fostered children, living in 30 cities of the country, 520 of them are disabled or have special needs. Part of the funds will be allocated to meals for MOPT Child day care centers, as most of the children to the day care center come to receive food, which is often their only warm meal during the day.

Good people of Lithuania are invited to focus in order the poor children would hurry to schools satisfied and with full backpacks. Let’s provide them to school as our own children.