The goal of “Malteser soup” is achieved – we are ready to fulfill our commitments

At the end of November – December of 2018, the charity campaign for the elderly “Malteser Soup” was going all over Lithuania. It is already the thirteenth year this campaign is going on. The years are passing, and social problems in the country remain the same: the weak, poor people in our society are still calling for our help.

So the turn to them, and stretch out of a helping hand was the goal of the campaign, named in a specific amount of 260 thousand EUR, so that the Maltesers can allocate at least 100 € for every of 2600 seniors. This amount was collected thanks to all the goodwill people.

“The highest risk of poverty in Lithuania has the people from the retirement age group. And, according to statisticians, it is growing, because the average old-age pension has been below the risk of poverty for several years already, – this sad statistic is shared by Rasa Stukiene, Director of Programs of the Order of Malta Relief organization. – They receive low income, most of them have lost their relatives, Lithuanian pensioners cannot enjoy their earnings in dignity, and they simply do not survive. We have to help them and we ask for them because they are modest and do not ask themselves.”

All people of Lithuania responded to such a Maltesers invitation: Lithuanian people, indifferent to the problems of elderly, business companies, government institutions, information media, show actors and many organizations wishing to contribute money, works or gifts. The President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė also expressed her support, and during the concert of the campaign invited to turn to those, who remained without care of their relatives at the old age

This year “Malteser soup” has expanded its geography of events, the support campaign was provided in 40 locations in Lithuania. Šiauliai was chosen as the venue of the event. And it is no coincidence – the cities of Northern Lithuania, once the strong industrial centers are now dying, people of working age are looking for livelihoods elsewhere, and the rest of the elderly are forced to ask for help. So in this region of the country, the poverty of people of retirement age is a really painful problem.

“Malteser Soup” Final Event

This year’s regional events were accompanied by a musical accompaniment because for the musicians joining the campaign. Virgis Stakėnas started the “Malteser Soup” in a country style in Šiauliai, jazz festival accompanied it in Klaipėda and Vilnius met with the sounds of the drums. The famous percussionist Gediminas Laurinavičius and young musicians from B. Dvarionas school invited to the so called”Soup town”, located in V. Kudirka square, where the Vilnius mayor Remigijus Šimašius, the Dakar rally racers, basketball player Simas Jasaitis and humorist Mantas Katleris, health care specialist Vaida Kurpiene and  members of “Colours of Bubbles” poured the soup.

Already for the second year in a row the general supporter of the campaign “Maxima”, joins the “Malteser soup” events in Lithuania, and has served the people of the 11 cities with the pastry made by its confectioners.

“The elders give us their experience, share their wisdom of life, and our responsibility is to help them enjoy their peaceful and dignified routines,” says “Maxima” CEO Kristina Meide, and reminds us that there are thousands of lonely, poor, elderly people living beside us that need not only financial assistance, but also attention, and good word.

The culmination of the campaign was the support concert broadcasted directly on LRT TV. During it, the leaders of the most popular shows and the most famous performers asked for donation and to to keep in mind that we can all find ourselves in a similar situation; everybody can find their selves in poverty, sickness, loneliness, so we have to be solidarity and give each other a helping hand.


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