The goal of the “Malteser soup” campaign is 100 € per year for every fostered old beneficiary

This year, the “Malteser soup” charity campaign for the support of elderly people will take place already for the 13th time and it aims to raise funds for the care and nourishment of poor lonely elderly people. 260 thousand euros are needed as Maltesers patronize 2,600 elders in 40 cities of Lithuania.

So arithmetic is easy: we need at least 100 euros for each elderly per year. Of course, we will allocate funds according to the needs; for the weakest we will bring hot meal to their homes, there will be greater sums; other, stronger will need Malteser volunteer help to carry them food, hygiene, and medical means.

In the case of the elderly, Lithuanian statistics is simply sad: more than half a million from 2.8 million people in the country are retired. Average state social insurance pension (according to the statistics of 2nd quarter of 2018) is 307 euros, i.e., the same amount as the poverty line was set in 2017.

Hence, lonely elderly who receive an average or lower pension live poorly and cannot survive without the help of others. It is pity that, having worked honestly all their life, retired people becomes dependent on the goodness of the surrounding people. They are modest and do not want to be a burden, but are forced to rely on others.

The “Malteser soup” events will be held in November and December in many cities and towns of Lithuania, during which the donations will be gathered and will be reminded about their poor old age. This year, the start of the campaign is chosen in the Šiauliai city, and it is no coincidence that the northern cities of Lithuania once were the strong industrial centres now flounders. People of working age are looking for a livelihood source in the capital or abroad, and the rest of the elderly are forced to seek the help because they do not survive from the miserable pensions. These people were our teachers, neighbours, and even those relatives, who do not hesitate to complain about their old age.

We would like you to contribute even with the slightest donation that the Maltesers brought soup will help them, even for a short while to forget their troubles, illnesses, and poverty, to make better their lonely old age. We ask for those who do not ask for themselves, for the modest old-age people of Lithuania.

You can donate calling by the telephone number 1418 – 3 euros, 1419 – 2 euros. For the larger amount of money please look at

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