The Order of Malta Relief organization in Lithuania has a new leadership

The Lithuanian Maltesers elected a new leadership in Kėdainiai district, Josvainiai on April 13. There was held a general meeting of members of the Order of Malta Relief organization in Lithuania (MOPT).

The former MOPT Presidium ended its term after four years of management. The team was amazing, and much was achieved and done during this period. The period was special.

As former MOPT President Romas Abunevičius said: “It was a complicated jubilee and election time: the 25th anniversary of the organization, the 25th anniversary of the young Maltesers activity, the Order’s Embassy in Lithuania mentioned the same anniversary. In addition, during those four years, we have elected a new Secretary General of MOPT, a new youth leader, and there were changes of the Order’s Ambassador to Lithuania and the Grand Master of the Order of Malta. This was the time of changes. ”

Romas Abunevičius was the President of MOPT for two terms: eight years, making the organization more solid, stronger, and much internationally achieved. Thanks in the honor of all Lithuanian Maltesers. At the end of his term, Romas Abunevičius was elected honorary member of the MOPT.

72 members took part at the MOPT General Assembly that by voting have elected a new Presidium, the Audit Commission and the Ethics Commission.

The Presidium elected Mr. Bronius Einars, a long-standing member of the organization as a new President of the Order of Malta Relief organization. Mr. Bronius Einars is indeed the soul of the organization and is well known to the leadership of the Order of Malta as well.

MOPT also has now new composition of the Presidium: 3 new members have been elected – an entrepreneur, who has been taking care about maltesers day care centers for children, Algimantas Andrašiūnas ( representative of the Drying Little Tears Foundation in Lithuania), as well as Dr.Antanas Martusevičius, the chief doctor of Plungė Hospital. Vaidas Tumėnas, a former Maltesers youth leader currently working in business, will represent the young Maltesers in the presidium.

Thus, the Presidium of the MOPT:

President: Mr. Bronius Einars

Vice President: Mr. Andrius Lukašonokas


Ms.  Rūta Voverytė

Priest Vytautas Rapalis

Mr. Algimantas Andrašiūnas

Dr.  Antanas Martusevičius

Mr.  Vaidas Tumėnas

MOPT Revision Commission:

Mrs.Gražina Senvaitienė

Ms.  Lina Oželytė

Mr.  Žilvinas Spundzevičius

MOPT Ethics Commission:

Dr.Romas Abunevičius

Mrs. Auksė Spundzevičienė

Mr. Donatas Petkauskas


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