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Volunteering – it is an opportunity for everyone, irrespective of the sex, nationalities or political persuasion, age or health:

  • To feel useful for others
  • To gain new, valuable skills and personal qualities
  • To find new friends
  • Try yourself in different situations
  • Learn to communicate and work in teams
  • Get informal learning
  • Learn to manage crisis situations
  • Acquire organisational skills
  • Learn to sfee the word from a different perspective.

Order of Malta Relief Organization in Lithuania (MOPT) with volunteers have been working since 1991. MOPT projects  such as „Meals on Wheels“, „Social Home Care“, Children’s social Day centres and other projects have been organised  in Lithuania only thanks to volunteers. Malteser Youth  are all volunteers as well. They are engaged young people spending free time helping others.


Volunteers participation in  MOPT projects:

  • Project “Meals on wheels” – distribution of hot meals to the homes of old, sick and lonely beneficiaries.
  • Social Home care. Trained volunteers take care of elders who can hardly move because of illnesses or age and can not take care of themselves. They provide such kind of services: communication, household chores, food acquisition, cooking, bills payment, regular Health monitoring, etc.
  • Children‘s day care centre for children from socially weak families. MOPT has established 8 children’s Day care centres, which employ social educators. Every year about 200 school-age children receive free meals, psychological support, communicate with young ,maltesers.
  • “Maltesers soup” (Maltiečių sriuba”) campaigns. This fundraising campaign already has been organised for 9 years, in those towns and places where MOPT groups are active. The aim of this campaign is to draw attention to the social exclusion of some people and raise donations for the projects for old people in need. The events of the campaign in the cities are annually visited by around 20 000 people across the Lithuania.
  • Seniors‘ Day. It is usually organised in more than 20 towns on the 1st of October every year. MOPT volunteers organise concerts and events for elderlies, visit them at hospitals, elderly house, at home.
  • Young Maltesers’ activities. It is education of  socially responsible young students and pupils.
  • Traditional Young Maltesers’ fundraising contest „The Best Charity Idea“. The students are encouraged to organise charity events and activities. Donated money are used for projects which care of elderly and lonely people. Participants are invited to become the voluntaries of the Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta. About 40 schools annually attend in these projects.
  • Other social activities.Order of Malta Relief Organization  is actively involved in community activities, cooperate with different institutions, organise meetings and constantly invite Lithuanian citizens to contribute to the promotion of volunteering in the country.


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