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Subscription of kindness Become volunteer


These are paid services, the income from which is used to maintain the service itself, to enhance the competence of employs as well as to help the poor. The services are provided by qualified professionals.

Transportation service for sick and disabled ‘Let’s go’ is designed to transport or accompany people with various disabilities in specially adapted transport. We transport people who are lying down and wheelchair users. The service is available in Vilnius and Kaunas, but we can also take you to other cities or countries.

Social care in a person’s home. This is a service provided in a person’s home to help a disabled, sick or elderly person to manage their household and participate in society. We also provide counselling and respite for relatives who are caring for an ill family member.

First aid. We provide first aid training for institutions and individuals. We also provide first aid at events (festivals and other celebrations). We have all the necessary equipment and special transport. The first aid team consists of health professionals and volunteers trained in first aid.

Outpatient home nursing services. When social care is not enough, we provide outpatient home nursing services. This ensures that the people in our care receive all the necessary social and nursing services.


Let's go

Transportation service for sick and disabled ‘Let’s go’ is aimed at providing necessary transportation services for people with various disabilities by using special transport. The service is adapted for disabled who sit in a wheelchair or can only be in a lying position. This transportation service is mainly provided in Vilnius city and district but there is a possibility to drive to other cities or even countries. We can carry from 3 to 6 disabled in wheelchairs at a time. There is a possibility to carry disabled with electric wheelchairs as well.


Price per kilometer – 1,70 EUR
Price for the arrival (one-time payment) – 3,00 EUR
Minimal price for the travel – 10,00 EUR
Traveling outside Vilnius – fuel consumption (back and forth) + hourly wage of the assistant driver (15,00 EUR/hour)
Transportation of a person in a lying position – 3,00 EUR for every floor
Additional services:  Carrying up/down – 4,00 EUR (for one floor).

Working hours:
Monday-Friday – 8 AM – 5 PM
Weekend – closed

Contact information:
E-mail –
Tel.: +370 615 50 232

We kindly ask you to register at least 5 working days before you need to get this service.

Home care

This is a home-based service that helps old, sick or disabled people to manage their household activities and participate in social life. The main idea of this service is to enable the individual to live at his/ her home, stay within the community for as long as possible. Also, to ensure that the person would get necessary social care services, to strengthen a person’s capacity and independence, to maintain social relationships with the family and the local community, to assist overcoming disability, illness or social exclusion and to prevent other social problems.

The following social services are provided: consultation, advocacy, representation, communication; home cleaning; cooking; purchasing of daily products; other services.

The minimum duration of services is 2 hours, the maximum – 8 hours per day. Services can be provided up to 5 days a week (only working days). Home care services are provided in Vilnius, Kaunas, Alytus, and Marijampolė.

The cost of the service rendered shall be determined individually, considering the financial capacity of the person (or the family).

Contact information :

Tel. : +370 675 93246, e-mail :

First aid training courses

This service has a special mission since it reminds us that we all need to know how to help others and save their lives. First aid competence is extremely important for all Malteser volunteers since they work with seniors who often need such assistance.  The Order of Malta Relief Organization is often described as a responsible community. Therefore, we share our knowledge with all citizens of Lithuania.  The funds, collected for the trainings, are used to expand the Young School Paramedics program.

We have a special training certificate and you can also get a first aid certificate for your courses. We believe that knowing how to provide first aid helps to make our society safer.

First aid

First aid training consists of theoretical and practical parts.

It focuses more on the practical application of knowledge by simulating real-life situations (fractures, bleeding, choking, seizures, clinical death and other acute conditions) in which first aid is required. The training is aimed at adults, young people or children, and the funds raised will go towards expanding the Young Paramedics programme.

First aid events are staffed by health professionals and volunteers who are trained in first aid. The number of team members is determined by the number of participants in the event. We travel to different cities and towns in Lithuania as needed.

We have experience in a wide range of events: we have provided first aid at the Song Festival, we have been on duty for the Pope’s arrival, we provide security at the Sea Festival every year, at the ‘Būtent’ debate festival, etc.

It is very important for Maltesers to provide quality services, which is why we also invest in the renewal of medical equipment and specialists.

For more information, please contact the First Aid Coordinator Justinas Vasiliauskas, tel: +37068771236; email:

Ambulatory care services at home

Home ambulatory care services are healthcare services provided in the patient’s home to ensure continuity of care, meet the patient’s care needs in the home and promote self-care.

Services are available to:

– Children with disabilities, i.e. persons up to 18 years of age who have been assessed as having a level of independence and a recognized severe or moderate level of disability;

– adults with disabilities, i.e. persons with a level of independence and a level of need for permanent nursing care or a level I need for permanent care or a level of severe or moderate special needs;

– elderly persons, i.e. persons who have reached the retirement pension age and who, as a result of old age, have partially or totally lost the ability to take care of their personal life and to take part in society, and who are suffering from chronic diseases with a Barthel index of up to 61 points. The Barthel Index is determined by the patient’s attending physician, general practitioner or nurse;

The primary care services shall be provided in the person’s home:

– measurement and assessment of the patient’s respiratory rate, arterial blood pressure, pulse, oxygen uptake, body temperature, prior to other procedures;
– procedures as prescribed by the family doctor;

– procedures in accordance with the established plan, to be adjusted as the patient’s condition changes;
– personal hygiene procedures as required.

The service is chargeable and is only available in Vilnius. 1 hour – 11 Eur.

For the service please contact