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The Accompaniment Service Has Helped 51 Young People


Order of Malta’s Relief Organization together with the Jonas Valančiūnas Support Fund started to implement the project “Preparation of children and young people for independent life, using sport-based support”. The goal of the project is to develop a quality support service for vulnerable children and young people, using a sports-based methodology for changing the behavior of children and young people and developing skills important for independent living.

As the project comes to a close, we would like to share the pleasing results of the accompaniment service. The time spent with young people in various settings such as cafes, Lukiškių Square, clinics, the municipality, the psychologist’s office, school, their own homes, corridors of the employment service, the social services center, and the daycare home for teenagers, not to mention interactions on phone screens, is immeasurable. Additionally, the solo efforts of the coordinators, endeavoring to best meet the needs of the young person during accompaniment, are noteworthy.

We often jest that our accompaniment coordinators function like engineers, attempting to connect the dots: from getting acquainted with the young person, identifying what suits them best, to physically walking alongside them. This involves demonstrating that they are not alone and encouraging them to believe in themselves and in the person accompanying them. The coordinators take an interest in study and dormitory opportunities both in Lithuania and abroad. They are actively involved in signing housing contracts, exploring various benefits and scholarships, contemplating optimal resource allocation, gathering information, and engaging in discussions about how to interest and connect with the young person, and how to build a meaningful relationship.

All these efforts do not fit into the limits of time, but they are rich in humanity. Since the inception of the project in Vilnius and Kaunas:

  • 17 young people have gained employment, with 6 more in the job search phase;
  • 17 young people have participated in the mentoring program;
  • 5 young people have found a place to live or rent;
  • 8 have returned to the education system;
  • 4 have changed schools;
  • 11 have enrolled in a professional learning program;

In total, 51 young people have benefited from the accompaniment service.

The project is financed by the EEA financial mechanisms ( The amount allocated to the project is 250000 Eur.