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Subscription of kindness Become volunteer


Assistance for the elderly is the biggest field of our work. There are about 2600 elderly all around Lithuania who regularly get our assistance that varies from visiting during main celebrations to a daily supply of warm meals.

There also are 16 Malteser Children daycare centers which are daily attended by more than 400 children from socially vulnerable families

Assistance for the disabled is based on spiritual foster and moral support. We organize summer rehabilitation-adaptation camp for people in wheelchairs. We gather and accompany disabled youth to the annual international Malta camp where young disabled people meet from all over the world each year in a different country to experience the adventure of their life. On top of that, we organize pilgrimages for the disabled. One of the most memorable is a pilgrimage to Lourdes (France)

We are also proud to organize canitherapy sessions for children with special needs.