Subscription of kindness Become volunteer
Subscription of kindness Become volunteer

Young Maltesers

Young Maltesers are an important part of the organisation, which started its activities in 1993.Today, the organisation’s young people volunteer in 25 Lithuanian localities and unite about 500 volunteers. Leader – Rimgailė Brūzgaitė, elected in 2023 September.

The aim of the Young Maltesers is to bring young people together and help shape their personalities through volunteering in the social field. It is not only about helping the weaker or the less fortunate, but also about fostering active, socially responsible, creative and active youth. Highlights: social activities, pastoral care, leisure and training.

Young Maltesers periodically initiate the competition ‘Best charity ideas’ , which encourages children and young people to implement the most unexpected ideas that would strengthen the community, stimulate its activity and help those in need.

Lithuanian Young Maltesers Training Team strengthens young people through non-formal education-based training. The topics of the training are: values of the organization, pastoral care, ethics, team building, attracting volunteers, creating new activities, basics of project writing, personal growth, etc.

The annual national event ‘Good Deeds Weekend’ brings Young Maltesers together to do good deeds. This strengthens cooperation and volunteering skills, creativity, compassion and respect for people in need.

Young Paramedics programme. This programme promotes the learning and practice of first aid among school children. A team of pupils is brought together and trained in essential skills. The pupils become helpers who can provide emergency first aid not only in the educational establishment but also in the local community. Young people are provided with the necessary tools, keep up-to-date and practise, and take part in inter-school competitions at national level and abroad.

If you would like to join the Young Maltesers, please contact Rimgailė Brūzgaitė , tel. +37067542048,