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Lithuanian Maltesers celebrate organization’s 30th anniversary!


2021 is special for Lithuanian Maltesers. This year, the organization is celebrating its 30th birthday!

Maltesers startes their work in the country, after Lithuania regained its independence. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many Western Europeans, especially the German Maltesers, felt sympathy for helping the Lithuanian people. They sent their delegations to Lithuania, to value the situation in the country and provide various assistance. The Maltesers officially began their work in Lithuania in the autumn of 1991, when the Order of Malta Relief organization was established. As of today, the organization helps people experiencing social and economic exclusion, the disabled and the elderly, organizes various charity events and various social projects, and takes care of various day care centers.

Over the past 30 years, the organization has achieved a lot. Currently, there are 42 Malteser groups operating in various Lithuanian towns and cities around the country approximately 1,500 volunteers. The Maltesers currently care for about 2,600 seniors, take care of 5 senior clubs and two senior day care centers. Also, there are currently as many as 16 Malteser children’s day care centers. Despite the pandemic, the organization managed to organize the 15th successful charity campaign “Maltese Soup” last year. We continue to be successful in various projects and events that allow us to help others.

Despite various challenges throughout the year, we promise not to stop, never give up and continue our work and mission. A big THANK YOU to our sponsors, volunteers and everyone who has contributed at least a little to the development of the organization. We hope that with your help, it will be possible to do much more good work in the future.

More information on the upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations and news coming soon!